QuantaSphere® (QS)® Technology

Quantasphere Technology

KLĒNSKIN® is the culmination of over 20 years of specialized research seeking to create a user-friendly sunscreen that could be Showered On. CoLabs Intl. Corp® utilizes a specially engineered capsule of non allergenic materials. The wrapped active ingredients help reduce the systemic uptake and remain topically on the skin, thus creating a protective layer. This in turn means less penetration and essentially creates a barrier between the skin and the sun's harmful UV radiation. In addition to making the sunscreen more effective, the technology also locks in natural moisture and hydrates with our encapsulated oils that open and deliver conditioners.

  • All active ingredients are encapsulated to minimize absorption into the skin
  • Encapsulated oils for moisturization benefits
  • Naturally derived capsule material
  • Positively charged encapsulates and delivery system is attracted to negatively charged skin during washing & stays on after rinsing and pat drying
  • This cosmetically elegant micro-emulsion leaves a soft, smooth feel with no greasy or sticky residue
  • Encapsulated actives help reduce the (TEWL) or Trans Epidermal Water Loss due to the nature of the capsule wall material and its ability to layer on the skin
  • All Products are designed by a Board Certified Dermatologist
  • All testing is done by an independent laboratory
  • Paraben Free formulation
  • No Animal Testing and Made in the USA

Particle Size

CoLabs current system is not nanotechnology; it is micro technology. A true nanotechnology particle size is less than 200nm in size. Our encapsulates are typically between 300-600nm which layer themselves and are attracted to the skin. This assures the encapsulates do not penetrate deeply into skin, but stay on the surface – where you want the sunscreens.

Electrostatic Charge

Our proprietary encapsulates contain the active ingredients. Typically, active ingredients are non polar or neutrally charged. Since the skin and hair are typically anionic, or negatively charged, like or neutral materials do not readily adhere. Our technology takes these materials, encapsulates them with a positive charge included in the shell, and then incorporates them in an emulsion. These cationic encapsulates are now attracted to the skin.

“Our focus is to develop exceptionally safe chemical and drug micro-encapsulates providing maximum effectiveness at targeted treatment sites while avoiding unintended diffusion and potential toxic absorption.”
Dr. Laura Cohen, CEO