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Our collection of Wash On Sunscreens, SPF Lotions and more!

Insect Repellent Stick

Powered by plant-based ingredients and utilizing our proprietary QuantaSphere (QS) Encapsulated Technology.
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At CoLabs’ we are passionate about developing innovative technology that creates a wonderful product experience and positive advancement in global health. KLĒNSKIN® is a revolutionary line of skin care products you’ll love to wear every day.

We get it, you’re busy! So we have developed products to fit your daily routine. From our convenient, user-friendly Wash On Sunscreen, to our cosmetically elegant SPF Lotions, & pocket size, hassle free SPF 30 Stick. After all sunscreen isn’t a habit it’s a lifestyle, a daily choice to protect your skin.

To compliment our line of sunscreens we now offer a gentle yet effective Hand Sanitizing Mist and DEET FREE Insect Repellent Stick. The Insect Repellent is powered by plants and essential oils to repel mosquitoes and ticks. KLĒNSKIN® has you covered as you head outdoors.

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KLĒNSKIN Sunscreens
Our collection of Wash On Sunscreens, SPF Lotions and more!
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New Products Coming Soon
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KLĒNSKIN SPF 50 Grape Lip Balm
KLĒNSKIN Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Lip Balm delivers moisture and UV protection to your lips.
A year-round must have for on-the-go lip care whether on the beach or hitting the slope.
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The Official Sunscreen of Auto Club Speedway

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KLĒNSKIN Spray & Gel Hand Sanitizers

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Broad Spectrum protection in your pocket!

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