Our Story

A Mother - Daughter Team

CoLabs Intl. Corp® was founded by me and my daughter, Lisa LeBlanc. I have been a dermatologist for over 30 years and have seen patients in my private practice, as a staff physician and as Chief of Dermatology at the VA Medical Center. As such, I can say the ravages of unprotected sun exposure are immense including skin cancer, pre-cancer, premature aging, sunburn, and melasma, to name a few. Although patients are aware and warned about the dangers of the sun, they tend not to apply sunscreen daily. Some of the common complaints are that they forget to apply, they don’t like the sticky/tacky feel, and it runs into their eyes.

My daughter and I made it a mission to create a user-friendly and cosmetically-elegant line of sunscreen that everyone could conveniently use and love. We believed that if people could apply sunscreen without having to change their daily habits, we could decrease the dangerous effects of the sun in these individuals. As mothers, the safety of our family is our number one concern. My grandchildren have learned at a young age the importance of sun safety.

Knowing the tremendously positive impact adding fluoride to toothpaste made on the reduction in tooth decay we knew that piggybacking on soap with the addition of effective sunscreen to soap/body wash could have a similar positive influence on skin health. Throwing in some emollients and antioxidants sweeten the deal - elegant, gentle, anti-aging Wash On® sunscreens, in a soap!

CoLabs Intl. Corp® was established in 2008 and KLĒNSKIN® Sunscreen was born. Together we developed the first and only Wash On sunscreens utilizing our patented QuantaSphere® (QS®) Encapsulated Technology.

No more excuses not to wear sunscreen with our innovative, highly effective and safe KLĒNSKIN® products. With the competitive price point we made our revolutionary KLĒNSKIN® Sunscreens accessible to consumers. KLĒNSKIN® is truly a labor of love and we are thrilled to share it with you.


Laura E Cohen

Laura E. Cohen, M.D., Pres. / CEO