A Note From Dr. Laura: What Is Wash On Sunscreen?



The Story of Wash On

The concept for a Wash On sunscreen, a wet skin sunscreen, was born originally out of my frustration with patients. A surprising way to inspire a product, I know, but so many refused to wear sunscreen to protect their skin! Their reasoning was simply because adding another step to get ready seemed like a burden. Though I wish my patients were more willing to take care of themselves, it did lead me to ask the question: What if there was a sunscreen AND body cleanser all-in-on? The answer was simple – develop a wet skin sunscreen that could be applied in the shower or at the sink.

From that important stepping point, we set out to create a new sunscreen, one that not only left zero residue (and most importantly is easy to use), but also would stay on the skin after rinsing and patting dry. Our journey led us to creating our patented Quantasphere process. By encapsulating the sunscreen’s active ingredients and placing an electrostatic positive charge on the encapsulate, which attracts our negatively-charged skin, KLĒNSKIN Wash On sunscreen stays on after your daily shower.  In fact, our Wash On sunscreen works from head to toe, so even your scalp is protected! 

Why Use Wash On Sunscreen?

Most of us are multitaskers trying to make life a little bit easier - and I am right there with you. KLĒNSKIN Wash On is ideal for those who don’t want the extra step of sunscreen application. In order to be as effective as it can be, I recommend “piggy backing” with our SPF 50 Sunscreen. The concept of “piggy-backing” one sunscreen use with another is a great way to maximize coverage. Using the Wash On creates a base layer of protection, putting your skin in the best position it can from the start. Kind of like how breakfast is known for being the most important meal of the day, adding this to your shower routine is only a set up for success (and prevents skin cancer, premature aging, burns…I digress). Since we all want to make our lives a little easier, this is a way to get every day off to a refreshing and protected start. This multitasking habit will provide your first line of defense against damaging ultraviolet radiation, so you can then enjoy what brings light to us everyday- the morning SUN!