So, when it comes to slathering a sun protection product all over your skin you probably have a few questions.

Do I use a sunscreen or a sunblock?

How much will be absorbed into my body?

Am I harming the environment?

First thing to remember is that sun protection is vitally important to help prevent skin cancer and premature aging. That being said let's get started.

Some people prefer a physical sunblock which typically utilizes zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to deflect or scatter the ultraviolet radiation (UVR).

They can leave a whitish discoloration and are sometimes sticky or tacky to the touch.

Sunscreen products utilize chemicals which absorb the UVR and are usually invisible on the skin and are usually more cosmetically elegant though some may still feel tacky or sticky depending on the concentration of the active ingredients and the formulation itself. Recent concerns regarding absorption into the body have emerged.

There is a high-tech solution to this dilemma.

Encapsulating the active ingredients in a microencapsulate about the size of a skin cell reduces the absorption of the ingredients by as much as 80% and actually reduces the necessary concentration of the active ingredients to a fraction of the amount needed to achieve the same SPF. You can think of it as a sort of hybrid- the chemical sunscreen is not only absorbing the UVR it is blocking and scattering it as well.

CoLabs Int'l Corp is dedicated to providing KLENSKIN sunscreen and skincare products utilizing a patented encapsulate- Quantasphere.

It is a quantum leap in sunscreen protection allowing for a lesser concentration which means your body and the outside environment is experiencing a lesser exposure to the sunscreen active ingredients. Think of it his way would you rather be applying a sunscreen that is not encapsulated and have a high concentration of the chemical or would you rather have a product which encapsulate the active ingredients and is able to provide the same high SPF? Having a lesser percentage of active sunscreen chemicals leaves more room for moisturizers and antioxidants which leave a very pleasant feel on the skin.

This approach to sunscreen is verification of the old adage “less is more”. A lesser concentration of chemical actives spells less exposure to your body and our environment.