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KLĒNSKIN Sample Pack

KLĒNSKIN Sample Pack

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Curious about KLĒNSKIN or just need some on the go packets?

Includes 5 individually wrapped packets of each of our three best-selling products: SPF 30 Fragrance Free Shower On Sunscreen, SPF 30 Spa Shower On Sunscreen, and SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion.
Great for bringing to the beach and sharing with friends!

Try them all or share with your friends.

What They're Saying

"Using KLENSKIN I can focus on playing Beach Volleyball...Keeping my skin protected with KLENSKIN is something I do everyday"

Brooke Sweat | Olympian & Pro Volley Ball Player

"The sun can actually hurt you and actually kill you...With the knowledge we have about sunscreen and what it does for you, there's no excuse in my mind."

Jake Gibb | Olympian & Pro Volley Ball Player


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