Summer Buzz

Summer Buzz

With summer in full swing it seems the best place to be is outside. Knowing that your skin bears the brunt of possible assaults from our natural environment which conspicuously includes sunlight and those pesky mosquitoes and ticks which around this time of year, what do we do?

CoLabs Int’l Corp is dedicated to providing safe KLĒNSKIN products to protect you at the beach, hiking, biking, or just lounging outside.

In addition to our sunscreen products we now have a DEET-Free KLĒNSKIN Insect Repellent Stick that contains essential oils which say buzz-off to the mosquitoes and crawling unwanted ticks that consider your skin a lovely surface to land on and refuel! These friendly visitations can result in unwanted itchy red bumps.

Live your life in harmony with nature knowing what you put on your skin for protection is from nature itself utilizing essential oils and actually using diatomaceous earth to enhance their effectiveness and to keep it on the surface of your skin. Additionally, it is paraben free, petrolatum free and gluten free.

It comes in a convenient, easy to carry stick. Be safe and have fun outdoors!